Will That Hold Water?

I’m not sure how long this vase will remain waterproof, but it’s covered with enough product to last a while.

I told my neighbor that it was time to prune her lilacs. This really meant ‘it is time for me to prune your lilacs.’ I hate to see a neglected lilac. So I chopped down a few main stems, and squared one up. You can see the purple streaks in the wood, and the contrast of the hardwood and softwood. They won’t last; wood always yellows with age, and the purple fades, but when it’s first cut, it’s the color of lilac blossoms. I hollowed the block with a brace and bit. I had to drill from both ends, so I stuffed one end with a plug of wood, and covered it with glue, spar varnish, basically anything gooey.

All the cracks are filled, and we’ll see how it holds up.

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