Saved from the Firewood Pile

My neighbor took down her old flowering pear. Here’s a big chunk. I had despaired of using it for anything, but then I got a request for a side table, no wider than 7″, 24″ high, and about a foot deep. With a drawer. Aha! You can see from the square foot tiles under it that it’s not 2 feet long, but it’s chunky enough to give me the solid 7″ and most of the 12″.

Squaring up on the band saw is scary when the piece is heavy, but with each cut it gets lighter. It’s grain pattern is dull because I’m only cutting into the new wood, and by rounding the front, I lose visual interest, but the worm hole adds character.

With carpentry, you usually need straight lines so that the pieces match up. But with a bandsaw, no matter what shapes you cut from a single block, they fit together. Within the next few days, I’ll glue up the two drawers and the case. Then I’ll figure out how to attach legs and a top. Stay tuned!