Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Yes, it seemed like The Project That Would Not Die, but I finished it off and delivered it. Stupidest Project Ever. I had no plan to mount it or how to attach a top surface, and I used the lopsided surface as the bottom, so it wouldn’t stand straight. And it had no real purpose. Although the log was hollow, the opening was too small for me to get my hand in there with a power tool. But it looked so promising!

Perfect base or a Lava Lamp, isn’t it?

And, at the same time, I delivered a custom nightstand. You’ve seen this in a prior blog, and now it’s done. But while I was cutting up that log, I thought, why not cut out a coordinating piece? So, here’s the nightstand, custom built to fit a 7″ wide space, and a dubiously useful … place to keep your extra eyeglasses.

Both are cut from Bartlet pear, except for the legs on the nightstand which are ipe. Yes, that’s a kind of wood and not a typo. The color is pretty, the wood is hard, and now I have fewer logs lying around. Both have two drawers. The little round drawers are large enough for eyeglasses. The top of the nightstand is cut out to hold a cup and some keys or pencils.

I’m pleased with the curves in the design, and I liked the patterns in the spalted wood of the dead trees, but I think I’ll give myself a break and not feed any more logs through the saw for a while.

2 thoughts on “Signed, Sealed, Delivered

  1. I was gonna say I like it. But no. I LOVE these. I have never seen this kind of organic design before. These pieces are absolutely beautiful.
    I’m really blown away by the aesthetic.


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