Papillon, New Home for Art in Metuchen

Papillon is a new gift store on Main Street in Metuchen. Proprietor Edna Epelu is showing the work of local artisans alongside her many other selections, and I’ve been fortunate enough to be included.

Doesn’t everything in Papillon look like a still-life?

You can see that I’m showing menorahs and holly boxes in time for the holidays. The menorahs hold standard tea lights, so you’ll never need to scrape wax out of the menorah again!

This box is cut from a solid block of black locust. The four drawers hold your keys, cat toys, matchbooks, rubber bands; whatever you need contained.

Stop by Papillon and see my work, the work of other local artists, and lots of other great gifts.

2 thoughts on “Papillon, New Home for Art in Metuchen

  1. I visited Papillion last weekend and watched a patron choose your leaf box to purchase! I didn’t see much else left of yours, my guess is it is selling well. Congratulations!

    PS I tried to engage the patron about the artist but she ran from me at the first remark “oh what a lovely choice.” Oh well.


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