Mystery Commission

Part 1

A neighbor asked if I could make a keepsake out of a beloved tree. Sure… I’ll make something, as yet unknown.

Black cherry, with size w9.5 shoe for reference

This is the smallest of several sections, and the only one I could lift. Certainly, it was too heavy to handle on the band saw. I needed to chop it in half. By following a crack from the bark towards the center, I could knock it apart along it’s own weaknesses with an axe.

The neighborhood houses are about 100 years old, so the original trees are failing.

If I had the nerve to cut a log with a chainsaw, I would have gone right across, next to the rotten hole. But that weak attachment of the outer and inner wood would have remained to give me trouble.

Much more manageable.

I could carry each piece down the stairs, and I’ll be able to life either one onto the saw table. I think I’ll work with the piece on the right.

Stay tuned for the evolution of this log.

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