Mystery Resolved

Part III

The fallen tree has become a keepsake box. The wood wanted to fall apart along the growth rings, so it needed to be clamped and glued a few ways.

Here’s the drawer under construction. I wanted to keep some of the raw surface of the growth rings in back.

The wood had open cracks, which I filled with wood putty. The putty works as a highlighter – no need to pretend the cracks aren’t there. They show the natural patterns of the wood. Two treatments with Danish oil brings out the color, which is natural to cherry.

The box retains the wavy form of the wood just below the bark, which I’ve removed.

There was another half a log left, but it was very weak. I couldn’t make a box with working parts, but I could salvage just enough to make a birdhouse.

The birdhouse won’t last more than about 5 years, but the keepsake box will be a lasting reminder of the beautiful tree from which it came.

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